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Morph into your true self with these hand-painted ceramic earrings. Each piece is unique, so you might see small variations in the painted shapes.
95.00 USD
Toquilla straw bag hand-made by artisan women and dyed with natural pigments. This piece represents the diversity and multiculturality of our world.
Orange Victoria
270.00 USD
An exclusive piece from artist and designer Mikaela Baez, this is a hand-painted hat using special spray paint and splash techniques. It is a unique explotion of color and textures that represent the chaos from which the universe emerged, hence the name "Big Bang".
Big Bang
311.00 USD

Comfy ☁️

Comfort but stylish
Miss Bellum
67.00 USD
Naoshima Wool Jacket
180.00 USD
Logwood Sweatshirt
48.00 USD

Handmade 🙌🏻

A selection of our best handmade pieces
95.00 USD
Striped Camila
310.00 USD
300.00 USD

Sunny Days 🕶️

Get ready for the spring
Achiote Tie Dye Bucket Hat
48.00 USD
Red felted wool hat meticulously designed by artist Mikaela Baez and handcrafted by artisans. This unique piece is intended to be used as a charm that brings good luck to those who wear it.
Red Velvet
110.00 USD
Denim Bucket Hat inspired by the street style of Tokyo and Kyoto.
Explorer Hat
50.00 USD

Wearable Art 👾

Original designs by digital creators
Sahara Trip
75.00 USD
70.00 USD
Anemonanie (Violet)
70.00 USD

Patchwork 🧩

Recycled fabrics with a second life
80.00 USD
267.00 USD
267.00 USD

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